Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Is your SEO using the right keywords?

Keyword research in any SEO campaign can mean the difference between bringing in tons of traffic and ranking high on SERPs and never approaching the top 100 search results. SEO keyword research is just as important as finding our keyword themes for our brands...and it starts right there.

Finding a Keyword Theme for Brand

While we do what to get our message across to normal humans reading our pages, search engine optimization is still an important piece of reaching our potential visitors and leads. However, this is not the only area of online marketing that we should be focused on.

I've included this video from Pat Flynn of the Niche Site Duel. In it he covers the beginnings of his keyword research using various methods.

Remember something here about finding similar keyterms and keyphrases - your copy and your content (written words, images, video, etc), can be used in social media marketing, email marketing and more. So, by creating a keyword theme full of keyword phrases for our clients (and for your brand, if this is you), then you can use them to stay on contextual track.

Use analytics and tools

Analytics can show you what the most popular pages are that viewers visit. These are not necessarily from organic search results. So, this information isn't only coming from Google search and Bing search. Instead, you might find social media to be your biggest traffic source.

However, this will show you, especially if you have hundred of articles and pages, what your community and visitors want to read about.

You can also use other tools to find out what your competitors are writing about. To further this, a tool like Neil Patel's QuickSprout Analyzer will show how social media sharing impacts their traffic. You can very easily see how well articles are doing for competitors!

The above tool, mixed with the Google Keyword Planner can give you a list of visited pages for competitors, search volume per month for particular subjects and searches and also, how 'active' or 'visible' those pages are.

Free Keyword Research Software

Nothing gets simpler than a type-ahead tool, right?

Google and Bing both have an incredible wealth of related keyword and related topics that you can use.

Google Type Ahead for Keywords

Google Type Ahead for Keyword Research in SEO

Bing Type-Ahead for Keyword Research

Bing Type Ahead for Keyword Research in SEO

Long Tail Keyword Research

The single best advanced keyword research tool I have found for niche keyword research and for finding a massive group of valuable low competition keywords is with Long Tail Pro from Spencer Haws. Not only will you draw Goolge Title Volume, search volume and domain authority and page authority metrics (from MOZ). It also calculates a metric called Keyword Competition. This value can give you an accurate measure of how successfully you can rank with a keyword.

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