Monday, August 18, 2014

Some awesome online marketing and SEO links

I'm all over the place when it comes to reading up on SEO, link building, social media platforms and general online marketing. While on my ventures I come across many resources. Today, I'm going to cover two that aren't big like MOZ (here) or QuickSprout (here), however, they have some awesome internet marketing information in only a few small articles.

For Awesome SEO Guides

I was very surprised when I came across Intellectual Asset Protection. Not only was it very small right now, but it's information was very impactful.

6 Most Important Onpage SEO Factors in 2015

This is a very insightful and white hat SEO method to gain better love from and with Google. The 6 Most Important OnPage SEO Factors in 2015 does a great job on covering the basics of what SERPs and search engines will be eating up in the upcoming year. Probably the most important information concerns page load speed; a definitely indicator for search engines as to whether or not mobile devices will excel at the site. Web marketers and website owners should also check out the sizing information for your onpage seo when it comes to title tags on your pages.

Local SEO - The real breakdown

While my love for local SEO and local brands is clear, over at Master Data Specialists (MDS), you will notice a definite focus on local SEO and local online marketing standards.

Top 3 Mistakes You Are Making in your Local Onpage SEO

I know I try to teach local business, both small business and larger business, about correctly giving content for search engines and visitors to digest. To that end, we examine onpage SEO, right? However, we take that a step further and check out local onpage SEO. These are not as simple as changing a title tag, or even the description in the meta.

Instead, the site examines various methods to grow with citation sites and links, as well as local directories and their impact on your ranking. This is all very important information, however, the most important involves your local name, address and phone number; the NAP should be everywhere for your brand.

Go check out these SEO resources today

Check out these resources today. Once again, they are not huge, but they provide a huge amount of value for your SEO, local seo and local onpage seo needs. There are other articles as well, and many links to even more resources.

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